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We have a wombat ( sounds like a tribe of wombats ) under our house doing untold damage by the sound of it. Physical barriers around the bargeboards just cause enormous excavations. Can anyone assist or advise on how to remove the resident, and maybe prevent a repeat intruder ?

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Dear Harts Waiora, this is an issue for many people. A personal suggestion from hubby, is to dig down sides of the house, put in a barrier which has bottom section bending away from the house ie below ground. Then make sure your barge boards are intact and firm so the wombats don't push through.

Wombats are a protected species. Some people do not like them and others love them. Our house is on a concrete slab so difficult to get underneath.

For a good read, Jackie French's book, Diary of a Wombat says a lot about wombat culture. Happy wombat loving - Susan