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Be Hive Revival

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Following last years disastrous european wasp infestations [i doused no less than five large underground nests along king parrot and carvers creeks got stung more than once!] and the subsequent hive collapse due to the extended wet and cold, we are resolved to get a new bee colony from somewhere; we had lovely quiet carnoleans for the last eight years, with beaut yellow box, red gum, and irish strawberry honey varieties, but with the robbing raiding and freezing that brought our hives undone in 2020 [what a rubbish year!], we have bought some high density foam supers and plastic hive foundation for our frames, but need a Nuc colony or a swarm transfer opportunity if anyone knows of any. Also keen to discuss hive sharing or harvest prospects? Am i allowed to leave my phone number? 0447755210, apologies to admin....


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HI Michael, I can put out to the Landcare members that you are looking for a swarm and see if someone replies.

I don't have bees myself but many in our area do.

Is that OK?


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Im not 100% sure because i haven't gone in to investigate but the last couple of years it seems we have some bees maybe,  made a home in one of our horse shelters at work. Much more active at certain times of the year. 

I will see if they're around and get back to you.